Bright Choices:

The project supported people who have difficult relationships with their families or their communities. These difficulties could stem from a disagreement about how people are supposed to dress, behave, who to marry, how to treat their children, if they were allowed to finish their education and who they were allowed to have as friends.

Hate Crime Midlothian:

The Hate Crime has created awareness and training project for young people, youth workers and teachers. The project was youth focused, and it involved recruiting young people and youth worker volunteers from Midlothian to help other young people develop greater awareness about the effects of Hate Crime.

Routes to Roots:

The project aimed to explore the intertwining shared heritage of Scottish and diverse communities and mainstream the histories of minority ethnic communities in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The project was working mainly with the South Asian, African, Polish, Spanish and Chinese communities.

Young People Against Hate (YPAH):

The project brought young people in Edinburgh together to raise awareness about the hate crime in their community and encourage others within the community to do more to tackle problems such as racism, homophobia and islamophobia. The project aims were providing the tools and develop the skills for young people to be able to challenge discrimination and become peer educators.

Youth Zone:

Was a space created for all young people in Edinburgh with different cultural backgrounds who were looking for employment, higher education, or volunteering opportunities. The project provided support and advice every step of the way in: improving, developing or perfecting employment skills (communication, critical thinking, confidence or self-esteem), learning how to improve your CV, learning what to do and not to do at a job and much more.