ELREC cycling club

Want to get on your bike but lack the confidence or ability?
Join our free cycling classes every Saturday at NKS, 7 Gillespie St, Edinburgh EH3 9NH: Google map link: http://bit.ly/2D509hr
Beginners: 10am – 11:30am.
Intermediate: 11:30am – 1pm.
The class is FREE and OPEN to ALL. We can provide bikes and run through exercises and fun games to learn cycling skills in a relaxed environment. The approach is progressive and fun. Feedback from participants has been fantastic so far. We also have access to an indoors space with tea and coffee for breaks. Children are welcome under adult supervision but the number of kids bikes is limited.
Beginners class happens in a safe environment (no cars) and consists in going over the basics:
-Mounting and dismounting
-Breaking and Stopping
– Steering
-Changing gears
Intermediate class happens both in a safe environment and in a residential area with low traffic. It consists of going over:
– More advanced games and exercises
– Coordination
– How to be safe on the road
– Signalling, positioning and turning
– Roundabouts
– etc.
Our aim is to help you go to a level where you can cycle safely on the road and to give you the SKILLS and CONFIDENCE to use your bike more often rather than your car!
If interested, please register your interest to cfc@elrec.org.uk
Hope to see you soon.