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In a broader sense, our goal is to foster a transformation in attitudes, behaviors, and awareness regarding waste and consumption. This transformation will be facilitated through a variety of engaging activities, including:

  • Sessions dedicated to clothing repairs and alterations

  • Sewing and stitching classes

  • Entertaining Swap Shop events

  • Vibrant fashion shows

  • Distributing food parcels to vulnerable families

  • Interactive cookery sessions

  • Engaging DIY upcycling workshops

  • Informative ‘Composting’ and ‘Wormery’ workshops

  • Educational visits to recycling centers

  • Participation in the Edinburgh Climate Festival

  • Carbon Literacy Training

  • Peer to Peer Programme

  • Climate Hero Programme

  • Nature Regeneration related activities and more

  • and many more!

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We’ve cultivated strong relationships with the Polish, South Asian, Chinese, and African communities over time, due to ELREC’s well-established connections. These communities are particularly well-represented in Edinburgh’s demographic landscape, and it’s with them that we collaborate closely to drive this initiative forward.

Our impact & achievements

Communities Reduce Reuse & Recycle – Jointly project delivered by ELREC & NKS have numerous reasons to celebrate!

Last year the project engaged with over 7,220 people from ethnic minority (EM) communities and delivered 661 activities on climate change and saved a total of 189.3T CO2e (project) or 567.9 T CO2e (lifetime).

Additionally, the project benefited from the dedication of 87 volunteers who actively participated throughout its duration, volunteering over 5730 hours.

Last year – 2022

people engaged
C3R 7
volunteer hours
tonnes CO2e

saved (project)

tonnes CO2e

To realign ourselves with nature’s equilibrium, we need to start working together. Climate change is affecting us all, and everyone has a role to play in taking climate action.

To truly end our contribution to the climate crisis, we need to rethink how we consume in Scotland and around the world. 

Approximately 80% of Scotland’s ecological footprint can be attributed to the production, utilisation, and subsequent discarding of products and materials.

The evidence is clear. Consumption in Scotland is unsustainably high.

Did you know?

  • About 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint is originated from the production, utilisation, the frequent disposal of goods, materials, and services, often after just a single use.

  • Each Scottish household contributes over a ton of waste annually, yet a substantial portion of this waste could be minimised, repurposed, or recycled, playing a role in shaping a net zero nation.

  • In the year 2020, household waste in Scotland surpassed 2.4 million tonnes, but only 1 million tonnes were recycled. The remaining waste was managed through landfill (650,000 tonnes) and incineration (750,000 tonnes), encompassing recovery and co-incineration processes, as well as other management methods.

  • In the City of Edinburgh, an average of 381.34 kg of household waste per person was generated in 2020, contributing to approximately 0.95 TCO2e per individual.

  • A resident of Scotland presently consumes resources equivalent to what three planets could provide. Yet, we have only one planet at our disposal.

Reasons to reduce, reuse and recycle:

  • Energy and resources are wasted whenever an item goes to landfill

  • Raw materials are a limited resource – we might not always be able to replace what we throw away

  • Less landfill means less pollution – and a cleaner, greener Scotland

  • Waste costs – for example, Scotland’s avoidable food waste alone runs to more than £1 billion a year.


Join us in the fight against climate change and work towards constructing a world that is both fairer and more sustainable for all!

Let’s unite our forces to implement a circular economy in Scotland, ensuring that everyone is part of the green transition!

To engage in our initiatives, kindly reach out to us at cfc@elrec.org.uk or check us out on social media platforms!

If you’re enthusiastic about climate action and interested in volunteering with us to support the implementation of sustainable activities, please submit your volunteer application to cfc@elrec.org.uk.

Get in touch

The project would not run without the help of the amazing ELREC team and our funders! Thank you very much for all your support!

Project news

Event Logistics Officer – Edinburgh Climate Festival 2024 (29 June 2024) Freelance Position: Event Logistics Officer – £15/hour – 7 hours/day – 1 day (hours might be split in 2 days)/week Fixed-term contract: 23 days – £2,415/ Immediate start, running to mid-July 2024/Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund’s Climate …

Peer To Peer Programme

  We are delighted to announce the launch of our Peer to Peer Programme. The programme will take place over 6 weeks, with an expected 16 hours commitment per week. During this time participants will shadow the C3R team, learning from them, expanding their skillset whilst working on their very …

Big Swap Event – Free

Join us on Saturday, October 14th, 2023, at St. Martins Church (232 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh, EH11 2JG) to find clothes, toys, books, DVDs, kitchen utensils, and more, all available for FREE! Expect to explore a diverse selection of items, such as: Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing Toys Books, CDs, and DVDs …

C3R Project Launch

We had a fantastic launch of the CR3 project last Saturday as part of the #ScotClimateWeek. We came together to celebrate the funding awarded to us by The National Lottery Community Fund‘s Climate Action Fund, our partnership between Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC), NKS – Networking Key Services …

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