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Hate crime in Edinburgh 19.02.2020

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Windrush generation: Different but the same

Historical Deception-Pride Can Temper Shame


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Why Me? – Hate Crime, Final Report 2017

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Hate Crime Scotland Statistics 2013-2016

Confronting violence against women as a hate crime – Outlining the debate

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Event report: Speak Up for Safety on Public Transport: A Charter on
Mainstreaming Equality – 24/10/2014, Edinburgh  ( DOWNLOAD )

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Support Services for People who Experiences Racial Harassment and Discrimination

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Your Marriage Your Rights Seminar Report

ACT-SCAVEN Network Evaluation Report

Our Marriage Our Rights Seminar Report (released on 22 February 2012)

Your Body, Your Rights Report – Discussion On Female Genital Mutilation (released on 12 March 2012)

Fostering Good Community Relations Workshop – Evaluation Report (released on 13 March 2012)

Sectarianism in Edinburgh Report TRUE Colours (released on 31 May 2013)


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Our April 2015 Newsletter, Issue 43, contained an error in the article: “From the Chair-Update on the unfair withdrawal of ELREC funding from Edinburgh Council” on page 2. ELREC would like to  apologise for this error in the  earlier issue of its Newsletter where EVOC should have been stated instead of CEMVO. This was a typing error. ELREC wishes it to be known that CEMVO was not the organisation that played an unreasonable part in the matters referred to and that CEMVO had no association whatsoever with the matters described. Indeed, ELREC has had a very positive working relationship with CEMVO in terms of its Climate Change project which is described in this Newsletter.

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