The ‘Good News’ of 2023 – Climate Edition


Here at C3R we would like to welcome you all to a happy 2024 by celebrating the launch of our new ‘Good news’ segment. We are aiming to bring you regular updates on positive Climate related news, kicking off the year by celebrating some global wins from 2023. Have a scroll bellow to find some of our favourite headlines from the previous year and join us in pledging to make this next year even more climate friendly than the last!




News articles for further details:


  • For the first time ever, global investment is expected to be higher in solar energy than in the oil industry:
  • Researchers at the University of Sydney have found two strains of fungi that can break down hard to recycle plastic:
  • Conservation efforts found successful as 26 Australian species can now be removed from threatened listing:
  • Ozone layer recovery is on track, expecting most global recovery to 1980 levels by 2040, with the Antarctic ozone hole persisting until 2066:
  • India approves $7 Billion for 10,000 electric buses to provide cleaner air in over 100 cities:
  • This year’s COP 28 brought us a few positive highlights including:


    • Establishment of the Loss and Damage fund:
    • New countries politically calling for a fossil fuel treaty:
    • Close to 200 countries agreed to a deal that acknowledges the need to transition away from fossil fuels:



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