Support & Advice

The Support and Advice Service is a confidential service which provides free and impartial advice for individuals who:

  • Need housing and benefits advice
  • Have suffered from discrimination
  • Need assistance in working with public bodies
  • Need to report a hate crime

If we’re unable to help, we’ll help you take your case to an appropriate organisation that can.

You can either approach us directly or be referred to us by another agency. ELREC will consider all requests for assistance.
If your complaint falls outside of the scope of the Equality Act of 2010 and/or our services are inappropriate for you, we will,
with your consent, of course, refer you to a more appropriate agency.For example, in complex cases ELREC may refer the case to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Before coming to see us, if you are able to, try to write down what happened and when. Dates are very important as there are strict time limits for bringing legal claims. We will listen to your case and make an assessment. If we are able to assist you, then we will work together with you in helping you prepare your case, identifying your options and deciding on your best course of action.

The Support and Advice Service is funded by the Scottish Government and also provides benefits and housing related advice.

To report an incident or get more information contact ELREC.

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