No hate Network

This project is created based on’’ Peer-based learning’’. It is also inspired by the success of a European funded project in Portugal, MOVIMENTO CONTRA O DISCURSO DE ÓDIO (Movement Against Hate Speech).

The projects main objective is to combat prejudice and hate. Expression of hate encompasses all forms of expression which propagate, incite, promote or justify any form of intolerance-based hatred.

We know that internet gives us the ability to create, publish, distribute and consume content thus providing a space for complete participation, commitment and free personal expression. With the development of social networks we can all participate in cyberspace in many different ways, from permanent contact with our friends and developing new contacts to sharing content and exploring our ability to express ourselves. This online space gives us new opportunities such as joining with others in causes we want to engage in and care about.

But we can also be victims and agents of human rights abuses and violations, including hate speech in various formats and cyberbullying. The online world nevertheless has values. Hate speech, as such, is not a new subject, but Its online dimension and the potential damage it can cause to relationships and communities gives us a reason to act!


Project Coordinator: Didem Kaner <>