Job Opportunity

We are recruiting a South Asian Community Workshop Facilitator for the Communities’ Reduce Reuse & Recycle Project 

Job Description 

The main duties of the post will be to: 

1. Organise and facilitate 45 workshops o events per year within the South Asian community living in Edinburgh to raise awareness of climate change and waste, to encourage reducing waste, and to increase communities’ cohesion. Reach 280 new people from South Asian communities per year. 

As part of the workshop activities are: 

  1. DYI Upcycling workshops 
  1. Composting at home  
  1. Recycling at home 
  1. Reduce – alternative consumption 
  1. How to avoid packaging and plastics 
  1. Reusing food leftovers 
  1. Facilitate Climate 4 Change Conversations twice a month 
  1. Sustainable cooking 
  1. Film Screenings 
  1. Talks 
  1. Outreach events 
  1. Other waste related workshops. 

2. Organise 1 trip to a recycling centre with a minimum of 6 participants.

3. Co-run 5 sewing club sessions within the South Asian community (min. 5 people). 

4. Co-organise and deliver swap shop events, community events and the Edinburgh Climate Festival.   

5. Help with the weekly Rescued Food Parcel service when required as well as referring participants. 

6. Refer clients to Free food for all and co-run 5 sessions with members of the South Asian community (min. 5 people) 

7. Recruit, support and supervise volunteers to help with project activities.   

8. Collect feedback and case studies from participants and volunteers to evidence the impact of the activity against the aim of the project.  

9. Ensure participants answer the surveys to measure impact, e.g. number of people starting to compost at home, number of people starting to recycle at home, number of names of the South Asian Community in pledges. 

10. Manage and form partnerships with community organizations and expand contacts to new groups to increase engagement within the target community.  

11. Attend community events with a stall to promote the project, recruit participants and volunteers, and raise awareness about waste. 

12. Attend training, 2 team meetings per month, meetings, and conferences relevant to the outcomes of the project.   

13. Promotion: Translate posters and materials into South Asian and circulate them with the community. 

14. Submit monthly reports with a breakdown of activities, participants’ feedback, case studies, number of attendees, pictures, partnerships formed, volunteers’ tasks, etc. Templates provided. 

15. Any other duties assigned by the Project Coordinator.   

Person Specification   

  All the following requirements will be assessed from a combination of information provided from an application form, the interview process and references:    Skills and Abilities      Essential    Desirable  
1  Good verbal, written and presentation skills  √    
2  Ability to work in team  √    
3  Organisational skills    √  
4  Ability to use own initiative and organise own workload in consultation with the project Coordinator and Manager  √    
5  Interpersonal skills: ability to relate well to others  √    
6  Ability to foster collective working between South Asian organisations/groups and people  √    
7  Effective communication and networking skills with both organizations and individuals  √    
8  Ability to demonstrate an active commitment towards the project and achieving the objectives  √    
9  Ability to enthuse people and groups  √    
10  Diversity sensitivity: Cultural sensitivity and ability to build rapport with others in a multicultural environment  √    
11  Experience of working in, or with the voluntary sector in a development role    √  
12  Experience of working with volunteers    √  
13  Experience of working with South Asian communities and South Asian community organisations  √        
14  Experience of environmental and carbon saving work      √  
15  Good IT skills including word processing and database management    √  
16  Experience of contributing effectively as a team member  √    
17  Experience of using evaluation and monitoring tools and techniques    √  
16  Experience of mentoring volunteers     √  
18  Experience of organizing activities  √    
19  Experience of public speaking  √    
20  Knowledge of the current initiatives to save carbon     √  
21  Knowledge of good practice in volunteering   √    
22  Knowledge of services available to South Asian communities to learn more about saving i.e. community gardens, recycling, energy saving  √      
23    Demonstrable knowledge of a diverse range of the South Asian communities and networks of Edinburgh  √      
24  Fluency in English and another South Asian language (e.g. Urdu, Bengali, or Hindi). Ability to translate.   √          
25  Basic knowledge of energy efficiency    √  
    Training and Qualifications        
26  Educated to higher level or professional qualification, e.g. community education    √  
27  Willing to work some evenings and weekends   √    
28  Be concerned about the environment  √    

Job application.

Equal Opportunities – Mentoring form here.

To apply for the job, please send the Job application form and the Equal Opportunities form to by Thursday 07th August 2022.