Equally Informed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown and other emergency measures in place in the country, thousands of marginalised people in Scotland, including the ones in Edinburgh and Lothians lack access and understanding of the basic information on how to keep themselves and their communities safe and well. They include people who do not speak English, people with no or low literacy, and people without access to different forms of communication.

The project aims to provide information in a simple and accessible form to minority communities in Edinburgh and Lothians about Covid-19 pandemic, which include information on health and safety, national and local regulations and measure, and available support services.  The target group are people from migrant and refugee backgrounds with no or low English language abilities living in Edinburgh and Lothians.


Information related to Covid-19 are collected from official resources, including the UK and the Scottish Government, local authorities, and the NHS. The content is translated into Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Farsi(Persian, Afghan, Tajik), Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish languages, and further disseminated it to the community members in our network that we have been supporting and in contact with through our other projects.

If you need this service, please contact us.

Project coordinator: Adrian Barbascumpa <adrian.barbascumpa@elrec.org.uk>