Today we had the Launch of the Communities’ Reduce Reuse & Recycle project, a joint project between ELREC & Nks Nks, funded by the Climate Action Fund (The National Lottery Community Fund).

The primary aim of the project is to encourage and support BAME communities in Edinburgh to reduce waste, increase reusing and repairing, and shift to a more sustainable consumption.

The ELREC Team:

Franciele Sobierai (Project Coordinator)

Aleksandra Szczygielska (Polish Workshop Facilitator)

Fahmida Huczewska (South Asian Workshop Facilitator)

David Tai (Chinese Workshop Facilitator)

Mohammad Alzaim (African Workshop Facilitator)

Spanish Workshop Facilitator

The NKS Team:

Tatheer Fatima (Project Coordinator)

Manjari Singh (Community Worker)

Nazma Rahman (Community Worker)

We will be running several sustainable activities/events such as: Swap shops, composting workshops, cycling classes, Edinburgh Climate Festival, sewing club, upcycling, and much more.

If we want to restore our balance with nature, we need to start working together. Climate change will affect us all, and everyone has a role to play in taking climate action.If you would like to get involved and take action please contact

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”