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As a volunteer you can give your time and skills and get something back in return, whether it is learning new skills, helping to build confidence, having the chance to meet new people, or gaining the satisfaction of helping a cause you believe in.

Volunteering with ELREC is a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and work as part of an enthusiastic team. Volunteering is a process of exchange. The people who volunteer for ELREC are an exciting, dynamic and diverse group who share a willingness to contribute their time and talent towards promoting equality and fighting discrimination. How you contribute – and how much time you contribute – differs from person to person. We’re always looking for helpful and reliable volunteers, so why not make good use of your skills, get involved and join our volunteering team?
You could:

  • help make our events a success
  • gain experience
  • help raise awareness about our organisation and objectives
  • raise funds and awareness in your area
  • get involved in your community
  • use your skills at our office
  • help with producing campaign materials (We need specialist skills, such as photography, graphic design, web design, writing, editing and filming)
  • …. and much much more!

As an organisation with a small staff base, volunteers are key to the daily functioning of the organisation. We recruit volunteers for the following areas of work:

  • Administration
  • Research and Fundraising
  • Community Engagement
  • Youth Development
  • Graphics
  • Law Volunteers for Support/ Advice service (for volunteers with a experience or academic background of Law)

Why volunteer for ELREC?

Apart from wanting to work with others towards promoting equality and fighting discrimination, people are motivated to work for ELREC for different reasons:

  • Students – course placement or work experience
  • Between jobs – a couple of months to spare before starting a new job
  • Retirement – making good use of years of expertise
  • Special interest/skill – which can make a valuable contribution to ELREC
  • Spare time – a few hours a week to get involved in something different and rewarding

Whatever your reason is, we would love to hear from you!

How to Get Started?

If you would like to volunteer with please complete the Volunteer Application Form and Equal Opportunities Form below and send them to admin@elrec.org.uk. If you would like any more information please contact us.

Volunteering requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours a week.

Current Volunteers:
Abood Anderson || Ahana Zaman || Alberto Alvarez || Alex Rainbow ||Alexandra Szczygielska|| Alice Barker || Alysha Somani || Aileas Pringle || Andrew Murray || Arran Imrie || Cameron Burgess Smith || Ceri Strang || Choi Lin Lzung|| Chris Morris || Daniel Robertson || David Panton || Denise Ana Constantinescu || Diline Abushaban || Duncan Howard || Elisabetta Spano || Fernando Agra-Lorenzo || Gabrielle Cathala || Gregor Hardie || Grey Davis || Hazel Kapepala Makunku || Inma de Reyes || Jana Malecka || Jenny Scholtysik || Katerina Apostolou || Katerina Taliatzi || Kristy Landale || Larissa Engelmann || Lauren Bradley || Madhavi Lathha || Marylin de Santos || Marta Gordon || Marta Michalska || Matilda Marshall || Michael Pearce || Miklos Schiszler || Mina Omarchevska || Mona Abdalla || Nagat Hamed || Natalia Budzowska || Pawel Bladocha || Pawel Kopec || Persefoni Kalatzi || Rebecca Hutchison || Romina Mazzotta || Ron Evans || Russell Marlborough || Ryan Whyte || Silvia Porcel || Stuart Black || Tamsyn Lonsdale-Smith || Thomas Sutcliffe || Timea Havran || Timothy Walker || Troy Mills || Wendy Tsang || Yordan Popov || Yuklan Wong || Zach Allan