The Public Affairs Guide to Scotland: Influencing Policy and Legislation.

The book will be of particular interest to organisations seeking to develop ethical and effective public affairs strategies and campaigns to influence the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament, and MSPs of all parties on the Climate Change Bill and on other legislation and policy development relating to the environment and to community empowerment and development, as well as to tackling inequalities.The Public Affairs Guide to Scotland – Flyer (7)

It shows organisations how to influence the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government, and to do so on an ethical, cost effective basis. Full of useful hints and tips, and written with the benefit of years of experience and success in the profession, The Public Affairs Guide to Scotland is the essential tool for those seeking to find out more about the Scottish political system, about developing campaigns and about how to engage with the Scottish Government, and with the Scottish Parliament, to influence policy and legislation including the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets)(Scotland) Bill.

Book is available from all Scottish booksellers, online retailers or direct from: