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ELREC is a charity committed to promoting equality and opportunity for all. We aim to support and empower people with protected characteristics and tackle discrimination and prejudice. Furthermore, we seek to engage with diverse minority communities to understand, empower and address energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions and climate change.

ELREC has a great deal of experience in providing training of the highest quality on a wide variety of equality and climate change issues to both the public, voluntary and private sectors. We provide a interactive approach to training which seeks to raise confidence and competence in dealing with equality issues – we always aim to meet participants at their own level of understanding and knowledge. To discuss any aspect of the training options, prices or to enquire about tailored training please contact us on 0131 556 0441 or via email on admin@elrec.org.uk


“One of the aims of our organisation has been to welcome more diversity into our centre but we were unsure how to embark on this and were signposted toward ELREC.

Interested in how we could encourage more minority groups towards the centre, as well as the prospect of writing an Equality and Inclusion Policy for our organisation we undertook a training course for staff and facilitators. Neil presented the training, using lots of practical case scenarios to identify where our current understanding was and provided information about the legalities & social outcomes of equality issues.  Our session ended with the group brainstorming (with Neil’s facilitation skills coming in) how we could immediately make some small changes within our working environment as well as agreeing some longer term projects.

We were particularly pleased that Neil grasped the fact that we have little resources in which to move our aims forward, which allowed us to see where we go from now to make our organisation more welcoming for all.

We will, no doubt, return to ELREC when further support in this very important area arises again and would have no hesitation in recommending this organisation to others with similar needs.”

Val Innes
Coordinator, Pregnancy & Parents Centre.


Equality and Diversity Training
Help participants understand equality legislation and how different
forms of discrimination can be identified and challenged.

Course outline:

  • Equality Act 2010
    • Background
    • Terminology
    • Protected Characteristics
    • Prohibited Behaviour
    • Positive action and positive adjustments
  • Barriers and challenges facing immigrants when accessing a community centre
  • Social exclusion and minority stress
  • Hate Crime in Scotland
  • Third party reporting

At the end of the course participants will have:

  • Discussed equality terminology
  • Described the importance and benefits of The Equality Act to Community Centres
  • Recognised the 9 Protected Characteristics groups
  • Explained examples of 4 types of discrimination
  • Examined their responsibilities relating to The Equality Act

Equality and Diversity Training:

  • Length: 2 or 3 hours
  • Minimum 6, maximum 12 people
  • Evaluation at the end and ELREC Certificate provided
  • Materials provided