Routes to Roots

Our book, Routes to Roots: Adopting Scotland as a Homeland, has now been released!

The book is a compilation of extracts from our interviews exploring the shared heritage of diverse communities in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Thirty interviewees from five different communities speak about their experience of moving to Scotland, making their lives here, discovering its culture and how they celebrate and maintain their own.

If you would like a copy of the book please get in touch with the office. The book is available for free.

Project Information

Routes to Roots: Adopting Scotland as a Homeland is a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund until June 2018. The project aims to explore the intertwining shared heritage of Scottish and diverse communities and mainstream the histories of minority ethnic communities in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The project is working mainly with the South Asian, African, Polish, Spanish and Chinese communities.

The project is working through three main strands:

  • Interviews: We are interviewing prominent members from the minority communities and recording their stories through video that will be shared on social media and YouTube. A selection of these will then be transcribed and put into a book that will be published at the end of the project and exhibited around the city.
  • Heritage Podcasts: We are creating and publishing podcasts on various topics relating to the heritage of these communities. These can be found below and on our YouTube chanel.
  • Heritage Site Visits: We organise periodic trips to various heritage sites in the area for groups of up to 15 people throughout the two year period. These include religious sites, the National Galleries and other relevant sites in the area.

Routes to Roots is funded by: