Open Arms

Open Arms

The Open Arms Programme is a collaborative project between ELREC, Sikh Sanjog, LINKnet, and Saheliya. It is designed to engage minority ethnic women in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Each collaborating organisation will be offering a variety of women-only services and activities.

ELREC will be offering access to fitness classes as well as classes which help one cope with mental health stresses such as anxiety and depression (i.e. meditation). Furthermore, we will be hosting activities aimed at personal and creative development such as crafts, creative writing, and leadership courses.

This programme has just commenced, therefore social media pages and promotional materials detailing further information are forthcoming.

In the meantime, please contact ELREC’s Open Arms Project Coordinator Hannah Lawrence ( for more information about these services and activities, as well as to express interest in completing an eligibility form for joining the programme.

The Open Arms Programme exercises strict confidentiality – data and identity protection of the women who express interest in or join the programme is our top priority.


Volunteering opportunities will soon be available in the capacity of administration, social media management, event organising and management, and sociological research and qualitative/quantitative analysis. Again, contact Hannah Lawrence to express an interest in volunteering for the Open Arms Programme.