I started volunteering in ELREC in May 2017 for the Support and Advice project. I joined ELREC because since I was in Law school I always showed a preference for Human Rights and I always knew I wanted to work for a charity. I am helping Martin provide legal advice regarding all sort of legal areas including discrimination and hate crime. Recently, I am helping to organise a jumble sale to obtain funding.

Volunteering for ELREC makes me feel more in contact with people and the real problems of our society. I am happy that I can help people that would normally feel they are alone. I can really see what a difference ELREC makes to our clients lives and I am always uplifted by what we do.

I really like everybody in ELREC! Thank you all for the opportunity.

I chose to do voluntary work here due to my work experience course for school and also it looked quite interesting. On my first day I was lucky enough to be involved in a meeting which talked about pacific factors like how different communities are developing in different areas and such. Later on I had the chance to witness a home visit which was about helping people with a different background figuring out to pay they’re gas bills which was quite a thrill for my first. Throughout the rest of the week I edited a video to help people understand how to save electricity and also wrote a couple of information sheet for some trips like, a brief summary of Hinduism for people visiting a Hindu temple and many more things. From volunteering here I could it’s so much more than I thought it was because I was welcomed kindly and I never felt bored. Thank you for helping me get involved ELREC.