Irina Lazarenko Mrs Lazarenko is ELREC Board Member, Convenor of Finance and General Purpose Subcommittee. Throughout her student life in Ukraine, Mrs Lazarenko was involved in many organisations. She has lived in Scotland for about 20 years. Though she is an educated person, she found it difficult to deal with issues like harassment, discrimination, housing, medical etc.

There are many people in the ethnic minorities who need help and support, there are many organisations around willing to help. There are many people who do not know where to go for the necessary help and support. As Board member, Ms Lazarenko would like to bring her experience and support to ELREC and create awareness for those who still need it.

ELREC is the organisation which is bringing ethnic minority people and local people together, helping with their needs and issues. Her experience, knowledge and desire may give opportunities to shape and create awareness, may produce adequate support and bring more people close to ELREC.