I started volunteering for ELREC through a one week work shadowing programme from my University. This was a great opportunity and I was able to get to know all the different projects this organization is involved in. One aspect that I enjoyed the most in this first week and am still enjoying since, is how much influence and responsibility volunteers have and get in these projects. It is wonderful to feel valuable and put ones own ideas and knowledge into practice. After the first week I already felt like part of the team which is why I signed up to keep volunteering with ELREC and now I am heavily involved in the cycling project and also try to help out with workshops and other projects. Another amazing aspect of volunteering for ELREC is that even though you volunteer and put work into the projects you get even more out of it. Training opportunities, workshops, publications and networking with some amazing people are just some of the advantages. Due to the wide variety of projects this organization works on it is easy to find something interesting for everyone. I am gaining valuable experience for the future and help people along the way. Every member of staff and every volunteer is very polite and welcoming and always willing to help if you have questions or problems. Thank you ELREC for taking me on as a volunteer and giving me these opportunities.