My name is Hazel Makunku. I joined the communities for conservation volunteering team at ELREC in April 2016.

My responsibility since, includes, working on a sustainability guide book on which researched and provided information about sustainable food initiatives, sustainable transport, green energy and recycling. I’m currently working on the recycling section of the guide book which am enjoying. I have had a wonderful experience volunteering at ELREC. The team at ELREC is fantastic: very nice, kind and supportive. I felt at home the very first time I walked in and have since enjoyed being part of this wonderful family. I have also learnt a lot from the project we are working on, especially that I have not lived in Edinburgh for a long time and had to research on community information here in Edinburgh, which made it even more interesting. This project has enabled me to know a lot about Edinburgh, including, other projects and initiatives working to promote sustainable actions, also different organisations and charities in Edinburgh. Most importantly, this project is in line with my area of research I conducted when I was studying for a master’s in Carbon Finance at Edinburgh University, so I’m lucky to carry on looking at how societies can be vital in contributing towards a greener environment. I hope my time with ELREC is valuable for the organisation too. Thank you very much to ELREC for this opportunity!!!!!!!!!!