I joined ELREC almost 6 months ago because I wanted to give something back to the community. Since then, I have been part of all sorts of missions: researching and writing funding applications, volunteering at a multi-cultural eco celebration, organising and editing video podcast interviews, becoming a qualified Cycle Ride Leader, running 10k as a fundraiser, becoming a volunteer mentor, and of course meeting the amazing team who work at ELREC. I am particularly grateful for all the extra events ELREC organise for their volunteers, such as the Public Speaking workshop (thanks Cristiana), Energy Efficiency training (thanks Jean-Matthieu), Young Jobseekers’ workshops (thanks Andrew), Restorative Justice training (thanks Nick), and the very enjoyable Cycle Ride Leader course (thanks again to Jean-Matthieu) – all of which were free. I’ve even been employed to work for the Scottish Parliamentary elections as a Polling Assistant, which would never have happened if I hadn’t been notified of the opportunity by Mizan.
Through volunteering, I have gained more confidence, made new friends, and expanded my employability, and have now taken the initiative to mentor some of the newer volunteers. Recently, I have been invited to interview for a job in the third sector, and I believe that this opportunity would not have been possible without my experience at ELREC.
Big thanks to Jean-Matthieu and the ELREC team for your support and guidance. I am very Glad(man).