I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 months working at ELREC on Communities for Conservation and must now move on to a full-time employment at WarmWorks. I am confident my volunteering was crucial in the success of this job offer as I gained great insight into WarmWorks at ELREC. For this reason alone I would highly recommend volunteering in general as well as for gaining a broad range of skills and knowledge of different work environments. Further to this I would especially recommend working with ELREC as the staff are very friendly, supportive and have a great enthusiasm for the work they do. From the start I was given plenty of freedom and choice for what I wanted to do which made me feel comfortable and confident in my tasks. The environment allowed me to make the most of my expertise and feel valued as someone who can contribute to helping the communities that the charity supports. I would like to sincerely thank ELREC and wish it a very successful future.