Firstly I would like to thank ELREC for allowing me to work here for five days. I would also like to thank the staff for the warm welcome I received and for how well I was treated throughout my five day placement. I feel that in this week I have had a great learning experience for myself. This placement has allowed me to put what I have learnt in university into practice though from workshops. I also appreciate the freedom I was given in being able to create my own workshop on sectarianism. The feedback I received on workshops was also useful for when producing future workshops or essays. Attending the networking event was also a fun and valuable experience. Although I did not contribute much to the networking discussions it was a great experience in seeing how a meeting is conducted and I also networked with many other contacts. Through being at the office I have also gained an understanding of what a professional workplace culture is like and I also feel as if my communication skills are gradually improving. I also feel as if I have benefitted greatly from the CV/interviews workshop. It has greatly changed my outlook on how to design my CVs and how to approach and deal with interviews in the future. I also learnt how to perform various actions such as performing ‘minutes’ during a meeting. Although minutes was not the most exciting event I am glad that I know have the knowledge to carry out this task. Although I would have liked to have seen a school workshop in action I understand that ELREC made an effort into making this possible and extraneous circumstances meant that this did not take place. A few more activities based out with the office would have been a nice change of pace. I was aware that a lot of the staff were working away from the office, doing workshops or meetings, it may have been interesting to get an understanding into what they were doing. Although I was given the opportunity to do so, retrospectively I feel I would have benefited from the redacting information from texts exercise. It is clear that this placement was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience and I wish to continue volunteering at ELREC as I feel that I will learn more from further involvement with ELREC.