I am Arati Chavan from Pune, India. I moved to Edinburgh 6 months back. It was a big change for me and my family! After coming here, it took me couple of weeks to settle down, get my kids admitted to school, get acclimatised, and get hang of this wonderful City of Edinburgh. As the summer vacation came along, I started enjoying the beautiful summer in Edinburgh… did some walks in Pent-lands, Arthur Seat, explored cycle paths etc. As the kids were home, I found myself having a lot of free time. I was thinking about utilising my free time in the best possible way and that’s when ELREC happened to me! I was very excit-ed knowing about the different projects and community work that ELREC has been involved in. I found ELREC and its staff to be very humble, friendly, and passionate, and committed to the work they do. I immediately signed up as a volunteer to help them in whatever way I could.
I was born and brought up in Pune. It was once known as the Cycling City as cycle was the primary mode of local commute. I used to cycle to school every day and always enjoyed riding around the city. So when I came to know about ELREC’s cycling activities, I was very excited and thrilled!
My first cycling activity was with Jean-Matthieu and Larissa to Portobello beach and from there on, my bike journey with ELREC started. I attended a Bike Ability training workshop through ELREC and joined many cycling trips during the summer. ELREC supported me at every step of the journey. I met many people from different backgrounds, most of whom are my very good friends now. Everyone at ELREC is very supportive, committed, and energetic!
ELREC has reignited my passion for cycling. It is also helping me fulfil my wish of contributing to the community in my own way. In the coming weeks, I’m planning to organize a big cycling event for my community with the able support of ELREC. I’m very proud to be associated with ELREC! I will cher-ish this experience of working with ELREC throughout my life, and it is surely going to help me im-mensely in my future. THANK YOU, ELREC! Cheers!